Posted by Lee Abbott on Feb 12, 2016 in Tips & Tricks

Hello Food Network!

YES!  Host Lee Abbott can also COOK!  How about that :)

Watch me compete on the Food Network series “ALL STAR ACADEMY”.  The series starts Sunday February 14th at 10pm – Happy Valentines Day indeed.

Please root me on and Facebook Food Network like crazy.  This “buzz” is really helping the Tasting Talk universe, and we hope to shoot more episodes really soon – which means even more wines in our cellar!  (Yeah the one at home too but…you know what I mean!)

Also on that day….drumroll please…our Wine Clubs will be LIVE!  So you too can taste all the flavors we feature on TASTING TALK.

Lets just hope I don’t cut a finger off while trying to cook a full entré in only 45 minutes.  Your time starts….NOW!

Cheers!  ~ Lee