Tasting Club

Team Tasting Talk

Y’all know how a wine club works!  The middle of every month…expect a delivery of our greatest hits inspired by all of the episodes and featured within our Wine Cellar.  So when you watch us wax prolific over fantastic wines in an episode of Tasting Talk – you too get to taste the flavors that we do on the show.  No spirits at this time (darn!) but we will be offering that down the road.  And as the episodes grow into season 2, 3, and beyond…the wine cellar and goodies will keep evolving too.

You have 5 choices of Membership tailored to your own taste and lifestyle!  Prices vary slightly per month as per episode that we are featuring.  Click on a Membership Level below, because this month’s incredible selections are set to ship on April 18th!


 SIGNATURE MEMBERSHIP: One Red – One White – each the epitome of the episode. Wine Club Pairing Brander&Margerum small   Tasting Talk Join Buttonsmall

This month!  Fred Brander’s incredible and perfect expression of the best that Sauvigon Blanc can give, his au Naturel, plus Doug Margerum’s iconic M5 which he calls his “Puppies & Babies” wine because if you don’t love those you have no soul – same goes for his perfect M5.  Cost this month:  $56


WHITE FLIGHT:   So White Wine is your go-to flavor – fabulous.  Every month get 2! SB Pioneers White Tasting Talk Join Buttonsmall

This month’s shipment includes Fred Brander’s perennial favorite named after his daughter the 2014 Cuvee Natalie, paired with Doug Margerum’s incredible White Gem his 2013 Klickitat Pinot Gris.  Cost this month:  $54


RED FLIGHT: Red and luscious is where you go – this sexy monthly 2 pack is for you.   SB Pioneers Red Flight   Tasting Talk Join Buttonsmall

This month’s sexy reds are Fred Brander’s Saint-Emilion inspired Cabernet Franc infused red blend the 2014 Brander Bouchet, plus Doug Margerum’s Chateauneuf-du-Pape style blend his classic and perfect 2013 Margerum M5.  Cost this month:  $56


 FULL FLIGHT:  Red…White…why decide!  This monthly 4-Pack delivers all of them :) SB Pioneers Full   Tasting Talk Join Buttonsmall

This month is the 2014 Brander Cuvee Natalie, the 2013 Margerum Klickitat Pinot Gris, the Brander 2014 Bouchet, and the Margerum M5 – that’s all begging for a dinner party!  Cost this month:  $110


 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP:  You want it all plus something extra special?  You got it.  SB Pioneers Premium small  Tasting Talk Join Buttonsmall

 This 6-Pack takes our Full Flight +PLUS adds 2 from the top-shelf to your table.  

This months amazing addition to the full flight, is Fred Brander’s essential Sauvignon Blanc, the au Naturel, plus from Doug Margerum his inspired and incredibly perfect Barden Pinot Noir.  Can’t miss this one.  Cost this month $224